Friday, February 17, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight {A Brew of Blessings}

Meet Tara! Isn't she beautiful? I love her blog and can't wait to hear about her move to the UK! 

Hi all of you lovely Feeding my Temple readers, thanks for giving me a moment to introduce myself. I'm Tara from A Brew of Blessings, a little blog that I started to keep my family & friends update both near and far. {Very far for some} I'm a soon-to-bride which also makes me a soon-to-be resident of the UK. That's right, I'll soon be making the move across the pond to finally be with the one I love. Other than that I'm a coffee lover, bible believe'n, accessory hoarder. My blog is all about life's blessings; my wedding, the move and continually striving to make the most of everyday while fulfilling the purpose that God has for me. I hope you'll stop by, say hi, grab a brew and stay a few! 

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HayleyKiah said...

I look forward to hearing about her adventures moving to the UK. I've never been but I've always wanted to go!

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