Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight {Everyday Lounge Act}

Meet one of my newest blogger friends and sponsors, Marissa from Everyday Lounge Act! 

i am a wife to the BHOE {best hubby on earth}, mom to miss Sassy and i'm a certified Scorpio!
i spend most of my days in domestic bliss, but i also go to school full-time @BoiseStateUniversity
{go broncos!}.  my favorite color is red, i watch the same movies repeatedly and i sing in the shower.
i love language - i'm studying spanish and you'll often catch me speaking in an English accent. i 
require a retarded amount of sleep and am wicked competitive. i talk entirely too much - the end.

i'm addicted to reality tv and salt-n-vinegar potato chips. oh and sweet tea. i love cooking but i would 
rather eat out every night of my life. i'm short - so short in fact, that my 11 year old is taller than me 
by 4 inches. i was born and raised in connecticut, but have also lived in new york city, utah, idaho, 
arizona, california. i have broken both my shoulders twice and have a metal plate in my ankle & shin.
i'm very susceptible to bad bones. i never get the flu. or allergies. {knock on wood - or something hard}.

i started this here blog to archive the things in life that i heart. i call it my life vision board.
from fashion, beauty, cooking to DIY projects, decorating and everyday life! 
thanks for stopping by! i can't wait to get to know each & everyone of you.

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