Thursday, February 9, 2012

oh, hello.

Whoa, so who's been quiet on the blog lately? Me. Sorry about that. To all of you new here, I promise I'm not like that.

I am still in the process of getting together info for social media consulting. Business cards, say what?? I promise the info is coming soon! 

Speaking of, what social media do you like to use? Any that you aren't a fan of? What aspects of social media do you struggle with? If you are a blogger, do you feel you have the resources available to promote your blog/brand? 


I'm super excited to attend my first OKC Bloggers Night Out tonight! My husband was fabulous enough to attempt to corral Austin for the evening so I can go! I'm really looking forward to seeing some new faces, not to mention it is at The MakeUp Bar. Um, hello. You can't go wrong there. I think I'm going to wear something similar to this:

Untitled #1

Because you always need a reason to wear red skinny jeans! 


Valerie Griffin said...

I am a new follower! Your blog is so cute!

HayleyKiah said...

I love the outfit you picked! The red skinnies and tall riding boots will go together so great!

sarah said...


So nice meeting you tonight. Loved your red skinny jeans.


Courtney said...

I just got some red skinnies! They are so cute. Something about wearing them just makes you feel fabulous.

Allison said...

Thanks, Valerie! So happy to have you as a follower!

Allison said...

Thank you!!

Allison said...

It was so great to meet you as well! Seriously, you are fabulous. Yay for new friends!

Allison said...

Ha! I know, right? I'm tempted to buy more colors!

Andrea B @ Vegvacious said...

Love those red skinnies! Have fun!

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