Friday, February 10, 2012

high five for friday

hello, friends! here is my "high" five for this week!


1. Cupcakes to Hot Buns officially kicked off! With much success I might add. You can find yours truly as a regular contributor in all things fitness, healthy living, and nutrition!

2. Just in time to kick it into high gear, P90X and a new big bag of Shakeology arrived this week! Speaking of, I'm starting a 30 Day Beachbody Challenge group! We'll track our progress along the way, hold each other accountable, and motivate, inspire, and encourage each other to achieve amazing results. Let me know if you would like info! 

3. This also arrived. Holy wow. TestTube is similar to Birchbox, but you get one BIG box every 3 months. I HIGHLY recommend getting a subscription. Go here

4. Oklahoma Bloggers Night Out! Woo-hoo! HORRIBLE photo of me, for real. But I finally got to meet some familiar faces and some new ones! OKC has some amazing talent. 
Sarah, me, Brittney, and Melissa!

5. And it gave me a good reason to bust out the red skinnies. I have no clue why Beau Dean looks like a weasel with rabies. 

What were the highlights of your week? Anything fun planned for the weekend? We are forecast to have a "major" winter storm some time this weekend. And I'm pretty sure tonight's low temperature is 8...ugh. 


Lauren said...

I love those pants!! Great outfit :)

Allison said...

Thanks, Lauren!!

JeNeal said...

YOu look so good!! Love the pants!! And I totally want to do birchbox and testtube how fantastic!!

Breanna Hohenstein said...

I love those red skinnies :) You are rockin them!

Jessica said...

Low of 8*?!
EW how do you do that?

Anyway I love those red pants - you look fabulous!

Happy weekend..stay warm?

Melissa Risenhoover said...

oh my gaaaaaaaaaa my head is huge!

Kara said...

Love those pants! I'll be following Cupcakes to Hot Buns now too! Thanks!

Brittney said...

Terrible pic of me too!! It was soo great meeting you! We must do it again!! Have a good weekend!

Rachel Wood said...

You have Bostons too?! Great dogs!

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