Thursday, February 2, 2012


Whew! Find Some Love Fest was launched with just a few small kinks. I made it through the day, and I just broke through my 4 day migraine. I more energy right now than I have all week. I felt this would be a good time to share some changes that will be going on around here!

If you are a new follower, I started this blog because it was something God had placed on my heart. There are few things, like my faith, healthy living, cooking, and fitness that I truly enjoy. When I decided to start Feeding My Temple, these were the things I decided I was going to blog about. Recently, I have felt the urge to break my blog into two separate blogs-one for fitness and healthy living and one for my not so healthy recipes. JeNeal extended a wonderful invitation for regular contributors at Cupcakes to Hot Buns. This invitation came at just the right time!

You will still see the occasional fitness/healthy living post here, but I will be posting at Cupcakes to Hot Buns at least once a week. In conjunction with shifting my healthy living posts to another blog, I have also signed on as a Beachbody Fitness Coach. The fitness side of Beachbody focuses on one of the main things I am passionate about, being able to stay in shape with NO gym. I have also written about how important I feel supplements are when trying to achieve a healthy lifestyle, and Beachbody offers some of the best available, including Shakeology. These shakes are SO nutrient dense, that I finish them feeling STUFFED. SO filling! I am excited to share my experience with the products with you, both here AND at Cupcakes to Hot Buns. So go subscribe to my second blog so you don't miss a thing!

Another exciting change I would like to share, is a new service I will be offering. Social Media/Digital Marketing Consulting. Why? A lot of bloggers ask me how I get the numbers I do with Feeding My Temple (50,000+ visits last month). To be honest, a large part of my day job is digital marketing and advertising and I guess it carries over into my hobbies. I have a passion for social media and branding. I am in the process of putting together a few package options, as well as a la carte items to help you get your name, ideas, and blog out there for the world to see.

I think that is all I have for you all right now! I'm still trying to get through my inbox aka aftermath of the Find Some Love Fest. As a reminder, the mega giveaway is open until next Wednesday! 

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Digger said...

YAY!!!! For all of this!! (Sorry about the kinks on Love Fest Day. My computers kinda special sometimes apparently!) But I'm SUPER stoked about your consulting! That's just all sorts of awesomeness!! :) Yay! again!

All The Love, My Friend

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