Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I live in Oklahoma. This means that at 9:00pm, as I type this, the temperature has dropped 30+ degrees in a 12 hour period and I'm pretty sure my patio furniture was just demolished by the 50 mph wind gusts we are having. It would also be safe to say there is some sort of miserable precipitation falling as well. Awesome.

I don't have a recipe or workout right now. I just wanted to write. My son is sleeping soundly. My mother in-law is sleeping soundly (bless her, she seriously works so hard while during her visits). My dogs are sleeping soundly, no really...they are snoring under my feet. And my husband is doing "research" aka shopping for the next toy he cannot live without. :)

This leaves just the wind and me.

It has been a weird week. My mind won't settle on any particular thought.

I have had the same nagging cough for over a month now. I just feel yucky. I have been fighting through my workouts only to feel worse afterwards. Family photos are in 20 days. I desperately want to chop all my hair off...and send 10 pounds with it. 

Yep. That's how I feel too. 

Austin's eye is producing some gross yellow goop (TMI, I know) so we are off to see the doctor tomorrow. I am seriously praying that he does not have to go back into surgery. If so, maybe I can be the one who gets the laughing gas. 


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