Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Our Weekend

Now that life is slowly returning to normal, I can think again. Wow, its November! 

Last Friday, we jumped into super psycho productive mode. The lists of task we wanted and needed to complete was huge.

Throughout the weekend, we were going nonstop. Saturday we were on the hunt for office furniture for my office and a few pieces for my husband's "hobby room." We found some fabulous items at a few antique and vintage stores.

The girl who worked here, crashed into a shelf full of ceramic dishes and sent them straight to the floor. I was mortified for her....

A little lot of Greek House for lunch. Seriously so much food. Not to mention we smelled like Athens all day. Ick. Worth it? Yes.

Cruising around a furniture store. I found about 67 items that I needed while looking at new furniture. I came home with one. 

Sunday was psycho clean day. We went through so much stuff in our house and got rid of an entire truck load of donations and trash. It was ridiculous. Where did all that stuff come from and WHY did we think we needed it?? 

Throwback to my childhood. Saw this at Wal-Mart. My aunt bought me these and the Christmas ornaments every year! Still looking fab, Barbie.

Monday was Austin's surgery. When all was said and done, he came out just fine. I think we were the ones who felt worse. The day started very early. He was not allowed to eat or drink anything after midnight but his surgery wasn't until 12:30pm. Anyone who has been around a 1 year old who hasn't eaten in an hour knows this was going to be a disaster. He actually did really well. They let me go back with him when it was time to put him under and I'm pretty sure  they all think I was a nut case. They were really great in explaining to me what was going to happen and how it was going to happen, but seeing your child scared and unsure of what is going on and then going completely limp with their eyes in the back of their head is awful. Just awful. 

They called me back as soon as he was being moved to the recovery room. When I arrived, he was hysterical. Seeing someone come off anesthesia is unlike anything I have ever seen. He was so disoriented and confused...and in a lot of pain. Horrible. In his fit of confused and foggy rage, he burst a blood vessel under the incision which then started to get bigger...and bigger....and the point of concern. We thought for a while he would have to go back into surgery. Ugh. Long story short, we kept it from growing any more and we were finally released 3 hours later. He seems to be doing well. Not sleeping great which reminds me of those glorious newborn days, but he is playing and eating well. 


My mother-in law came to stay with us and take care of Austin this week. I am so grateful. Take off work is just not an option for me right now and he can't go back to daycare for at least a few days. 

The emotional toll of all of this hit yesterday. I seriously felt like death. Death with a migraine and no sleep, that is. I got some decent sleep last night but my migraine is still lingering a bit. Ugh. Ok, enough complaining. 

I'm excited to share my November sponsors with you! And guess what? They are all fellow Oklahomans! 

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Jess and Jeff said...

I'm glad Austin is doing well! What a trooper! :)

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