Friday, October 21, 2011

Weekend and a blogger feature! {Sincerely, Kylee}

Happy Weekend! I hope you have a fun filled one planned! 

Me? I'll be spending time with this guy.

I usually don't blog on the weekends because, well...I sit in front of a computer 45 hours a week and the thought of adding to that makes my eyes hurt. Really. Don't misunderstand me though, I love hearing from you. No matter the day or time. I strive to respond to each and every comment or question you leave. That being said, I hope to hear from all of you! 



A beautiful woman and fellow blogging Okie wrote a beautiful post and prayer{here} that really spoke to my heart. The promptings of God through my relationship with Jesus is the number one reason I blog. Its not to gain a million followers, make money, or brag about myself. It is to document my relationship with Jesus and all that I have been blessed with. She has some wonderful talents and graciously extended them to make me my own button!

Now, head on over to see Kylee at Sincerely, Kylee and discover the great things she and her blog have to offer you! GO!

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