Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Search Results

As yesterday progressed, I just felt worse and worse. It was all I could do to get Austin from daycare and get home. I felt so gross from being outside (it was stupid hot again with 40 mph wind) and all I wanted to do was take a shower. We had homemade pizza for dinner last night and had a blast playing with Austin before bed. He is learning to walk and is at a really fun age. He currently uses me as a jungle gym, which is ok by me.
Excuse my wet hair. Cute...I know.

Despite a shower and more Dayquil, I still felt awful. I kept seeing a glimmer of hope in a potential workout but it never happened. I had a conversation similar to this one:

Me "Hey, can you workout when you are sick??"
Wise "I think so..."
Me "Google it!" (This is my solution to everything)
He then read me this search result. It's a go.
Me "Ok...go back!"
He then read me this search result. Again, it's a go.
Me "Sigh...ok, go back!"
Wise "You just want me to keep going until I find one that says you shouldn't..."
Me "Ok...maybe."

Needless to say, I didn't workout. Instead I enjoyed the end of Bachelor Pad and then a little iPad. HA! Get it?? Really though, it was nice to spend time with Wise and having enjoyable conversation.

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