Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Recent workouts

Mega workouts started last week. I even took my measurements in hopes of taking them once a month to document my progress. So far my workout schedule this week looked like this:


Legs (I HATE legs)

  • Walking lunges with overhead weight
  • Plie squats with dumbbells
  • Leg presses with resistance band


  • Dead lifts with dumbbells
  • High row with resistance band
  • Low row with resistance band
  • Lat pull-downs with resistance band
  • Reverse hyper-extensions on ball
  • Dumbbell pull overs


  • Curls
  • Serving curls
  • Hammer curls



  • 25 minutes on the elliptical


  • Sit-ups
  • Bicycle
  • V-crunches with dumbbell pass off
  • Sit-ups with dumbbell rotation
  • Plank
  • Pike crunches with weight

Today it is chest, shoulders, and triceps. I have to say, I am incredibly sore from Monday's workout. I'm hobbling around like I'm injured. Nice. This is week 2 of "get serious so you don't gain a bunch of weight in winter" and I feel pretty good. Getting back into the swing of things leaves me really sleepy in the mornings, but once I get over that initial hump of workouts, I hope to have MORE energy. I also need to make it a priority to take my vitamins and supplements. Or I could just take a bunch of $20 bills and shred them...

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