Thursday, March 17, 2011

An Outsider?

Here's the deal...I love things covered in cheese, bacon, ranch, and butter...right after they have been fried in some sort of artery clogging oil. Why? Because its what we do here. Let's be honest. I live in Oklahoma, the only exciting things that happen here are tornadoes and football. We are somewhat located in the South, not really but we claim we are so we can eat like gluttons.

Now as much as I love greasy foods, I just can't. I feel 1758 times better when I eat fresh, whole, nutrient dense, non-processed foods. We were made to eat the things that grown from the ground. Our bodies simply digest these foods better.

That being said, living a healthy lifestyle is pretty much laughed at around here. Its weird, its expensive, and makes no sense. "Health Nuts" are looked at like aliens. I truly believe that support for whatever it is that you are doing is crucial for success. I'm ok with being weird. I'm ok with eating something that looks like it came off of a tree. I'm ok with caring about what goes into my body.

Let me be clear. I attempt to make healthy choices a good amount of the time. I love to cook and finding great tasting, super healthy dinners that my husband will eat is...well...hard. I have been known to cook something fabulous "normal" for dinner not to mention we use Sundays as cheat day. Glorious cheat day. Its free reign to eat whatever you want, and as much of it as we can get.

Its a lifestyle. A lifestyle to care about what you are feeding your temple.

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Joy ~ Kurt said...

I just came onto your blog and LOVE you already! :) Sounds like you are Christian? I Live it utah and We are few and far between around here. Thanks for sharing your yummy recipies! :)

Joy -email

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