Saturday, July 7, 2012

Reina Perfume {Sponsor Spotlight}

Meet one of my fabulous July Sponsors, Reina Perfume!

It is true we all like to see and smell like beautiful things. This is one of the reasons why Reina Perfume was created. It is a natural perfume that comes in two distinct Royal scents:  Sapphire and Pearl.  Hazael, the creator of Reina Perfume, has a deeper vision for this fragrance collection. Women who wear Reina are real women with real lives.  They are moms, wives, sisters, friends, students, entrepreneurs.  They are resilient and strong.  

 A true Queen discovers that there is beauty and potential inside her. One of the ways in which Hazael inspires women to reach and discover their potential is by sponsoring events entitled: The Queen in You. At these events she and her team teach the principles of the kingdom of God by helping the women realize how beautiful and strong they really are.

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Kelly said...

The Queen in You events are such a lovely idea!! I'm impressed!

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