Friday, May 4, 2012



woo hoo! friiiidaaayyy! 

1.I have changed up my ad sizes, prices, and availability. After a lot of requests, I have brought back the SWAP ad feature. I also have an XL ad available, but just one! 

2. We have our rowing lessons this weekend!  It will either be amazing or a really big disaster. 

3. These showed up. Delish. They are for an exciting project that I am working on with Pineapple Lily. It is going to be epic. 

4. I have EIGHT, yes eight challengers who are starting the Beachbody Fitness Challenge Group with me on Monday. I'm am so thrilled to be their health coach. I love helping others take charge of their health and fitness. This is going to change lives. 

5. I am also very excited to announce my participation in the Hot Mamas Run! I was graciously given the opportunity to be the Volunteer Coordinator for the event! The Hot Mamas Run is Oklahoma's first women only 5k race! 

"The Hot Mamas Run & Baby Parade is designed to foster a spirit of health, happiness, confidence, and empowerment for local women and their families. Whether you are a 20-something gal trying to find your way in this world, a stay-at-home mom who often puts herself last, or a cancer-surviving grandmother, YOU ARE A HOT MAMA!!"

 I will be sharing more with you in the near future, but I HIGHLY recommend checking out the website for more info! So excited!  


Ruthie Hart said...

happy friday girlie! Have a FUN time at your rowing lesson this muscular back coming soon!

Lauren said...

Those treats look awesome... and I'll totally be able to do that run! Yay!

Vicki said...

Ad swap?!?! I would love to swap buttons with you!! What are the requirements?

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