Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Worship Wednesday (sort of)

I tweeted and shared on Facebook a horribly annoying thing that happened to me. Someone reported my blog's Facebook page as spam or abusive. Whatev. The ONLY reason my blog page updates would show up in your feed would be because YOU "liked" it.

Despite being annoyed and unable to share links temporarily (I hope), I received a wonderful amount of support from many friends, family, and readers...some of which I didn't even know I had. It was so very humbling and I am so grateful for such a lovely out pouring of support.

 I have felt a bit overwhelmed when it comes to blogging lately. I can't seem to settle on a niche. I love fitness. I love food. I love Jesus. I love being a mom. I love healthy living. I am torn in all those directions and to be honest, its hard to keep up with them all. I have an editorial calendar but can never seem to follow it. I have about 5 recipes that need to be published, several workouts I need to share, oh right...and I totally missed sharing my holiday decor and photos.

 Work has been...well, work. My good friend and co-worker says it best, we haven't had a normal week in...a year?. No kidding. I get all flustered and feel unsettled when I don't have a game plan for my day. I wouldn't even know where to start with a game plan these days. It is cold, the days are short, and tax season is upon us. This all equates to a slooowww time in the car business. I would like to say quiet time as well, but next month, construction begins on a new building. I'm in the market for a pink hard hat if you find one. It should be epic.

 I feel discombobulated in my spiritual life. I can't seem to quiet my mind long enough to get through a prayer. I can't find God as easily as I'm used to. It all seems to be muddled and fuzzy. I will read my Bible and two seconds later forget what I read. This is going to sound awful, but I really can't find the urge to make it a priority. I try to pray, but I don't feel like I'm praying to anyone...so I really don't pray that often. Judge me if you will, but at least I'm honest.

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Jess and Jeff said...

I often feel the same about God and praying. I'll do a Bible reading plan, but don't find any meaning to it. I'll start to pray before bed and I fall asleep or my mind jumps somewhere else. It's horrible! You're not alone! I hate making resolutions, but working on this has become one of mine.

P.S. I love that Gungor song!!!!!!!! & I can't believe someone would report you as span. ugh!

Jessica said...

Allison, you are wonderful.
Definitely a blogger that I look up to!
Thank you for being real.I enjoy all of your posts - I like all of the same niches as you so posting about all of them isn't necessarily a bad thing! :)
I feel you on the prayer thing - I've been dealing with the same thing. It's getting better though - just keep pushing!

Praying for you, beautiful!


cssolomon said...

Boo to haters :) I think your blog is super awesome. I feel the same way about my "niche" but I think your niche is all those things, so please don't narrow it down to one particular thing....I like reading blogs that mix it up. Keep up the good work!!!

Lauren said...

I think we all have seasons in our faith! Times when things are passionate and we feel lit from within... Times when we feel our light has almost been completely extinguished. Have heart that it's a SEASON and seasons change.

That being said do you have a community group you meet with at all? We meet with our "Lifegroup" once a week - Sunday nights. It's all married couples and we drop the kids off to be watched and just have devotional and worship time. There are so many times I do not want to go because I'm lazy, I'm not feeling it, etc but I feel committed to go and that I will be held accountable. I have never ONCE regretted going - it's all about getting myself there. For me, I NEED that community to keep me fired up. I have a childlike faith in a lot of ways, but my motivation to press in is also kind of childlike - I get lazy and want to "play" instead, so I know for me Lifegroup has been the glue.

brittany said...

"popularity is for mediocre people.." so true. thanks for the reminder!

Melissa Risenhoover said...

Girl, we all go through times like that spiritually. I think that if we aren't constantly changing and evolving in our faith we are stagnant and God isn't a stagnant God. He loves you no matter what and the fact that you are honest with yourself if when you will truly find Him and his love. I also understand the blog dilemma. i just posted that last week about how i don't know where to go with my blog either. One thing I do know is be true to yourself and the readers will come and STAY. =))

Laci said...

I needed this kind of post today. Not exactly sure why but it made me feel better about the things I'm going through right now. Not only is car business slow this time of year but so is the hair business. Everyone (including myself) wants in before the holidays. Now it's the waiting game.
Again, thank you for being honest and real! This helps me to stay positive knowing I'm not the only one feeling/going through these things!

Andrea @ Decorating Cents said...

I love reading your blog because it is so versatile. You have a life blog...that includes so many topics so don't feel the need to put yourself in a box. Also on praying, God knows your heart and your intentions so don't be so hard on yourself. Be true to who you are and everything will be alright.

Digger said...

I could have written this myself. (well except for the pink hardhat part, not really in the market for one of those.) But I've decided that this year, there's is going to be no niche. I write because I like to and I want to. And like Melissa says: The readers will come. We may not be "celebrities" but we still touch peoples lives with the variety of what we say. Honesty is by far the best thing we can offer. :) And, if you ever need somebody to talk to, I'm always available. :)
All The Love In The Universe

Amy Jo said...

the part about ur spiritual life about how fuzzy and discombobulated things are. well everything you said has been happening to me for like 3 months! Its frustrating and not fun! I can relate! Until last night at church it just clicked again! My pastor's words were just what i needed! Heres what i did... realized i am not on this earth to make something of myself. God is a almighty and wise god in fact those words dont even do justice to him. But he created us to serve him. Even his most precious son came to this earth to serve him! Trust god!trust that he is there trust that he will reveal himself again trust that he will meet you and you're families need. Trust him with everything you do! My pastor said the key is trust...then when i got home i did my devotional and it was about trusting...after that i went to read my book call Crazy love by Francis Chan (highly recomend) first sentence i read Trust god. hope i could help. Most of all dont give up on trying to reach him. Have Faith

Erin Ledbetter said...

Thanks so much for this post...I am a new blogger, and this post speaks directly to me, it seems! I love the focus of your blog, and I am so glad that I found you. I am a new follower, and would love for you to visit me some time at my blog at Chronic Christian Crafter. Blessings,

Erin at http://chronicchristiancrafter.blogspot.com

Allison said...

Thanks, Erin! I'm glad you found me too !

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