Friday, January 27, 2012

high five for friday

woo hoo! friday!! let's do this.


1. The cat did my laundry.

2. This changed my life. I WILL be making a pie with this crust. 

3. I got 2 nights with this guy while daddy was with friends. I learned he loves carrots. He is so my child. 

4. I got to Skype with these lovely ladies!! 

5. Birchbox Beauty Bash is today! Go check out all the fun links-and add yours too!! 


Jessica said...

The picture of your little man eating the carrot is too cute.
I can't stand itttt.


JeNeal said...

Love the pictures!! Had so much freaking fun skyping it up with all the gals!! Can't wait to do it again!


Allison said...

Bahaha! He seriously just grabbed one while I was chopping them up for dinner. I was shocked!

Allison said...

Me too! It was so nice to "meet" you! I'm soooo looking forward to August!!

Leigh Anne said...

What is that pie crust!?? It looks like Heaven!!!

Allison said...

Uh, yes. Can you believe it?? I'm thinking an apple pie in that! What do you think?

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