Wednesday, January 11, 2012


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When given the opportunity to share Cafe Well with my readers, I was thrilled. Have you heard of CafeWell? It is a social network dedicated to healthcare, whether its a chronic condition (in my case, migraines) or healthy lifestyle changes. It is a safe and secure network this is also anonymous! 

One of features I like the most is corporate wellness program, Race to the Moon. Race to the Moon is sponsored by HealthAmerica. It is geared to get members more fit and active by offering free wireless pedometers! They track your steps and progress, and you are rewarded for your milestones! The program actually works and gets their members more active! Many companies offer wellness programs, but a lot of them don't work. What makes Race to the Moon different? The social network combines with incentives and support! 

I think this is huge! Supporting healthy lifestyles in the workplace is a a major part of success! I personally work with a competitive bunch and know they would enjoy Race to the Moon simply for the rewards! A weight loss/healthy living challenge would be such a great opportunity for many of my co-workers (myself included)! 

I encourage you to sign up for CafeWell! Interact with other members who share the same health care interests and needs! 

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Erin said...

just found your lovely blog, now following!

you have wonderful ideas and your heart is so clearly focused on Christ! :) so encouraging!


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