Thursday, December 22, 2011

yes, really.

You know, I started to think about how sorry I was feeling for myself. And really, I should be glad. Thousands of women would do a lot to find the cause of their frustration and stress, known as their weight and body image.

I know now. And I have a choice. It almost feels empowering.

If only it were as simple as not swallowing 2 little blue pills for everyone. 

My husband said, "gosh, think of what it would be like if you hadn't been working out." Yikes, that's what it would have been like. 

I shared my frustrations and discovery with a friend today. I think she was surprised to hear that I weigh more now than I did when I returned from maternity leave (14 months ago). I think her words were, "What?? You workout all the time and eat so well!!" 

Yeah, that about summed my feelings up. 

I'm still torn on whether to decrease my daily dosage, stop taking it all together, or do nothing. I'm trying to do some more research (read: scour Goggle for a medical degree) to hopefully find some alternatives. Earlier this week, another friend ironically shared some info for a naturopathic doctor in Oklahoma City for something completely non-weight/migraine related. That info might have just come at the right time. 

Oh! I need your advice. Nail time tomorrow. What color?

This is a pretty common color in my rotation. I actually own the color since uh, no nail salon I have ever been to, carries Essie. I like it because it is clean. 

Something a little more festive?

Or something with a little bling? 


Sandy said...

I am so stealing that "hey you" And bling it up girl, it's the holidays!

Lauren said...

OMG, what are the names of that first and last nail color? loooove them!

Allison said...

The first one is Essie Marshmallow. I'm nor sure about the last.

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