Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Someone once told me I am really ungrateful. I take that back, someone told me many times I am still ungrateful. That sucks. At first, that stings and makes me mad. Then, it starts to make me think.

Yeah, I am ungrateful. So ungrateful, that I'm pretty sure I deserve nothing I have. At what point to you separate truth from a continually depressing statement? The run so close together, I sometimes can't see that faint grey line.

It is hard to make myself remember how ungrateful I am. It brings me down...makes life depressing. It's really not anything I want to think about for too long. It steals my joy. Just what it is supposed to do, I guess.


Lauren said...

Girl we are all ungrateful - way more than we are sometimes willing to admit. I think there is freedom in realizing that though. None of us deserve the blessings in our life and yet they are ours. Humbling for sure. In our flesh we will always be ungrateful but we totally try and focus on the ways we have been blessed and while we are undeserving, we can appreciate them a bit better... and be more grateful.

Ron @ said...

Greetings from Southern California

I am your Newest Follower

Happy New Year! :-)

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