Thursday, December 29, 2011


Hey! Let's talk about this watch! 

Betsey Johnson + bling + a doggie that looks like mine? Win. 

My sister in law gave this to me for Christmas! Love her. 

In other news, I'm pretty much frantic when it comes to a blogging/editorial calendar. With my new camera and mixer, I'm DYING to become more of a foodie blogger, but guess what? That takes a lot of time and planning. Add an entire NBA season (read: my husband basically has a ticket to every Thunder home game), and I just don't have the means for it all. So until I figure it all out, you get random posts like this one! 

Look who was just so pitiful looking this morning!
(Not me. Oh, and we don't live on the sun.) 


Lauren said...

I'm really disappointed that you don't live on the sun... I feel my world has been shattered.

Anna Elder said...

that watch is the cutest! please blog photos of your dog. it's random and perfect! also, i'm all for a foodie blog! do it! (when the Thunder season is over, that is.)

i'm also disappointed that you don't live on the sun.

Ashley - The Christian Wife Life said...

I like your random posts AND your food posts. :)

Much love,

Hollie Ann said...

i want to go to a thunder game!!! you and your sister in law are both so pretty!

Kendra said...

Love that watch! A new camera AND mixer. Wow, you raked it in :)

Melissa Risenhoover said...

I LOVE posts like this...I get to know you better. =)

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