Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Village Church

"You do not partner with God in your salvation. God is the ONLY one who saves you."


My husband and I are big Matt Chandler fans. He is the lead pastor at The Village Church in Dallas. His, along with all the other pastor's sermons, are available for free on The Village Church resource page. You can also download them on iTunes for free. I listen to his sermons while working and my husband listens to them while he is on the road throughout the day.

There truly is just something about how God speaks through Matt that touches us both in a way we have never experienced. His teachings of the Bible are exactly that...he TEACHES the Bible. I can't tell you how hard that is to find locally. I am not saying other ways of hearing/learning/teaching/sharing the Word are worse or unproductive, just that his style is something that we really connect with. He doesn't sugar coat a lot of things, and actually put things in ways that I can understand. Again, I don't work well with the "just do it" (that was so not a shout out to Nike) method. A lot of times I have to know why I am doing something or why I should do something.

I listened to one of his sermons over doubt a few days ago. While listening, I jotted down the quote above. It reminds me that salvation only comes from one place. The only part we have in it, is accepting it. After that, God is in control. 

We hope to actually visit The Village Church soon. I really don't know why we haven't done it yet...we are only 3 hours away. God has done some tremendous things through Matt Chandler and The Village Church.I highly recommend you check it out!


Melissa Miller said...

Hello Allison,
It's great to meet you! Thank you for stopping by my blog for a sweet visit. You are always welcome anytime my friend.

Warmly, ~Melissa

PS Your blog is beautiful! I'll be back.

The Tiny Team said...

Love it! We used to go to a church called the Villiage Church, but in San Diego!

I love your blog!


Rachel @the house redeemed said...

Allison, I stumbled across your blog from another blog and immediately noticed that you live in Oklahoma :) We do too! Anyway, we began the search for a new church about 2 yrs ago. We found an awesome church in Norman, and now we are apart of a new church plant in OKC. Anyway I'm not much of a blogger, but I love to read other blogs! Have a great day! Oh and Matt Chandler is awesome!

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