Friday, March 16, 2012

high five for friday


woo hoo! its friday!! my five are all based off the weather! 

1. Sunday I was wearing these. 

2. So this naturally happened on Monday. 

3. And Tuesday I was wearing these. 

Only in Oklahoma. Beau Dean loves Daylight Savings. 


 4. Jeep rides with no doors! 

He is pumped about them. 

5. The most exciting thing happened this week! Wise and I signed up to learn how to row! Once we complete the course, we will work with a coach! If you aren't from Oklahoma, you probably think I'm crazy, but Oklahoma City has done some amazing things to the Oklahoma River that runs close to downtown OKC. We host all kinds of rowing, kayaking, and regatta events, and several companies have invested in multi-million dollar rowing facilities. I am pumped. 


Anonymous said...

Yay for pedicures and manicures! :) This is a great post!

Miss Honey and Nutmeg said...

Rowing is big up here in Massachusetts too!

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

How cool is that?
I've heard of it but I don't know much about it - sounds fun though!

Plus your shoulders are gonna get ripped!

Happy weekend, girl!

Amanda said...

Your ring is gorgeous! That dog is seriously so cute and your baby is precious!! Have an awesome weekend :)

Allison said...

Thanks, Anna. Aren't they the best??

Allison said...

I seriously can't wait!

Allison said...

I know, right? So pumped.

Allison said...

Thanks, Amanda! You too!

the mom diggity said...

How fun about the rowing!!! You're hardcore mama! :)

Melissa Risenhoover said...

Um, why did you not tell me you signed up to do rowing!!! I am planning on doing it this summer!

Blair said...

My cousin rowed at Cornell! So cool!

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