Tuesday, February 28, 2012

tuesday things

Hey, friends! How are you? Ok, a few things today! 

1. I realized I never posted about my change in sponsorship status! Whoops! You can find all the details here, but quickly, I am now charging for ad space. I will no longer be accepting swap sponsors. I have some very reasonable rates for monthly ads. You DO NOT have to be a blogger to advertise with me. Own a shop? Scentsy consultant? Want to advertise a service? You can do that here! I am on track to hit 100,000+ pageviews this month and I have some prime real estate for you! 

2. Mad man Tony Horton just about killed me last night....in a good way. He lives in my TV and he makes me workout. It's glorious. 

3. Pinterest inspired nails! Dark plum with a chunky glitter top coat.

And now, continuing with our Lent tradition:

A Lenten Prayer for Tuesday

Father of my soul,
Mother of my heart, 
I know your love for me is limitless beyond imagining. 
You care for me as a loving parent. 
Through my smallest Lenten sacrifices, 
help me to become less selfish 
and more aware of your ways. 
Fan the flame of my desire 
to draw ever closer to you. 
Guide me to seek your love.


Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

Okay...you have perfect nails!
They look like acrylics!

AND me and Tony...ohh man.
Talk about a love/hate relationship.

Hope you're having a great Tuesday, girl!

Allyson said...

Seriously, your nails look incredible! If I could get my thin, peely nails to do that I would be a happy camper. Also, you deserve such a pat on the back for working out...I could never, ever stick to it!


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