Friday, January 13, 2012

high five for friday.

high five for friday!

I am linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk!

1. My husband sent me this comical photo Monday morning with the caption, "Blog about this!!!!"

Hilarious! Really! When we were dating and still living in Norman, we would visit La Baguette every Sunday after church. We would order the same thing, a Bonjour Paris with fruit and roasted potatoes. He actually took the liberty of learning how to make them at home and started bringing them over to my house in the mornings. They are amazing. Croissant, egg, Swiss cheese, and honey ham., all melted and warm! What I appreciate most about this photo, is that he even took the time to put it on one of my blogging dishes. 

2. Also on Monday, I discovered I have lost 6 pounds since this post. 

3. After reading this post and this post, I have pretty much been an emotional mess when I'm with Austin. I shared the second one with a friend who is also a mom. I'm pretty sure she wanted to punch me because it made her cry. Sometimes I'm a horrible friend and need someone to be sad with me. 

Austin is getting so big so fast. Like I'm crying just typing that. I need to remember both of these posts when I get mad at him for splashing too much water out of the tub, or when he hits the dog with his fork (nice), or when he drags everything out of the kitchen counters. I won't have that for long, and I could not of ever had it. It really puts things into perspective. I am blessed. 

4. Genius. Boots on skirt hangers. 

5. Hey! I'm Beau Dean. 


Ashlee @ They Lived Happily Ever After... said...

You are the cutest!!!

Jessica said...

hahaha a lot of my friends always ask me "are you gonna blog about this?"
Love it. Congrats on being down 6 pounds - alrightttt! And why the heck did I not think about storing my boots like that? They're all tossed in a stupid bin.

Happy Friday!

Lauren said...

So, true story, I saw that breakfast sandwich and my thoughts were as follows: 1st - "I want to eat that now" and then 2nd - "That reminds me of La Baguette". And then when I took a breather from drooling and actually read, you of course mentioned La Baguette. I thought this was cool and that we shared a wavelength. High five!

Also I am in such a great mood today that I feel DRUGGED. So, sorry, especially for trying to high five you through a blog comment haha.

Ashlyn said...

that sand-witch looks auhmazing & im starving ATM!
& congrats on those 6 pounds HIGH FIVE!!!!
& what a great boot idea!!

have a great weekend
p.s love your outfit today

xoxo Ashlyn

Allison said...

Ha! Thank you!

Allison said...

Bahaha! That's funny! Mine are all in a big pile in the closet. :/

Allison said...

How crazy! I loooove La Baguette. Like LOVE. I'm so glad you are in a good mood!!!

Allison said...

Thank you!!!

Mrs. Darcy said...

Awww-that is so cute of your husband and I love the boot hanger idea:)

Congrats on losing 6 lbs!


Marilyn said...

Yaaaye, COngrats on your weight loss.. GO GIRL.. uuum, I ADORE your inspiration for hanging boots.. What a classic fun idea.. LOVE..

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons said...

bahaha my hubs does that all the time too! He insists i need to blog his burger recipe but he's "too shy" to blog it himself! ;) and I LOVE this idea for boots!!!!!

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