Monday, November 28, 2011

my holiday weekend

Happy Monday! Boy am I in need of a weekend!!! Holidays are ridiculously busy. We spent Thanksgiving with my family.

Corn Casserole (my sister made) via Michelle at Guess How Much and mom's macaroni and cheese with bacon. Fabulous. 

Pioneer Woman's Mashed Potatoes. Holy cow the were good.

My mom also made these (hopefully she will comment below the name of this recipe). I was reluctant to try them, only because I'm weird. Puff pastry, goat cheese, figs, walnuts, and some sort of delicious sweet sauce drizzled on top. Fabulous. 

***And she did...well she tried, it didn't work. So my sister tried. You can find the link to the recipe in the comments!***

My aunt made that green bean casserole. This wasn't your ordinary green bean casserole....fresh green beans, mushrooms...amazing. I could have eaten the entire pan.

Cranberry sauce. No weird canned stuff for us. 

I made the rolls and the sweet potato casserole (recipe soon) just to my left. I'm not allowed at family functions if I don't bring my rolls. 

 We also visited my husband's side of the family on Saturday (which included 4 hours in the car). It was great to see them and my mother in law is a fabulous cook. She always has such a beautiful presentation. Classy and elegant. She was also gracious enough to send some amazing Christmas decorations home with us. My husband was less than thrilled, but that's only because we look like this on our way home.

Traditionally, my family and I are crazy enough to take on the mall on Black Friday. This year, I had to work so we moved it to Sunday. We always meet for lunch, shop a bit, then stop for a treat, and shop a little more. I have to admit the smaller crowd and better parking spots really sold me on skipping Black Friday. With two little boys in the family, we had to meet Santa! 


My mom and aunt trying to convince the boys that Santa was ok.

I made it in the picture at the last minute. 

This is what I told Santa I want for Christmas. I also told him these were at Williams Sonoma, but are competitively priced online. 

This week is going to be so busy for me! My new layout is being built this week and I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE IT!!! My new December sponsors go live but not without a last look at my November ladies. Aaaannnd I have another pie for the current series. My co-worker and good friend comes back from maternity leave. My company Christmas party is this week and we have family photos this weekend! 

I need a nap already. 


Anonymous said...

Here's the recipe for the Chevre and Walnut Tartlets-

Coley said...

Yum! Looks like you had a wonderful holiday :)

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