Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Let's talk about the weather. No, really...let's.

Yesterday it was just fabulous outside. I don't think it got over 80 degrees. This should tell you what kind of summer we have had her in Oklahoma. I really never thought it would end. The extreme heat and drought have made for super dry conditions. This has caused many wildfires that have destroyed acres and acres of land and homes. It's heartbreaking.

I keep replaying the scenario of coming home and not being able to drive into your neighborhood because your house may be on fire. To have no warning...no way to get a few valuable things...I just have a hard time  imagining processing that. Despite the cooler temps, it looks like there is still a very high threat of fires in the state. Texas is also falling victim to the drought. I have been hearing some scary things about what this winter might bring. We don't get a lot of snow here, we just get massive amounts of ice. It affects the roads and power lines in a very negative way. I live in a place that has such a wide variety of weather, but it is also always so extreme. 

Speaking of weather:

We were actually able to enjoy the back patio last night, and practicing walking!! 

My mother in-law was visiting and she had a wonderful dinner prepared when I got home from work. Steaks, pasta, and a yummy salad filled with tomatoes and avocados. I think I could probably eat an entire avocado by itself everyday. So so yummy. She headed home this morning and I am looking forward to getting a good workout in tonight. I record my stats again on Saturday and I am anxious to see the results. I will post where I started, 30 days after, and this Saturday (60 days after) sometime this weekend. 

Do you get any extreme weather where you live? Or am I the only person that lives in fear of the seasons! :)

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