Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Center of the Ring

I understand that it's only Wednesday...right? It is Wednesday? But this is what my week has been like:

That's right. A circus. Ironically enough, many people call me Al and my maiden name was Barnes. 

Austin has a cough that is really starting to bother me. Wise had some sort of freak accident with his back starting on Saturday and coming to a scary apex yesterday, that resulted in me rushing home from work to get him immediate medical attention. All topped off by a 3 day migraine and an eye infection thing. Sigh. 

Try working on one contact because you are too lame to have glasses while having a migraine and taking care of a 14 month old and 34 year old. 

My eye looks somewhat better, Wise is seeing slight improvement, and Austin is still...throwing fits at the sign of a wind change. 

I am also on pins and needles awaiting my friend and co-worker to have her baby! Her due date is next week!! I'm so excited for her because she gets to be a mom! Its the best feeling in the world! I will, however miss her for 8 weeks while she and her husband spend time with their new baby. 


I promise to return with regular posts soon. :)

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